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  IGS can take your PS, QuarkXPress, and PDF files from years ago or those that have been recently produced and give you native InDesign files for your use.

We recreate the intended construction and layout of the document by forming paragraphs, applying styles, regrouping independent graphic elements, extracting images, creating tables, and recovering annotations and other elements automatically. We convert every page in a PDF or XPS file to an equivalent page in the resulting InDesign document. We also provide options for converting or extracting data from a range of pages in a PDF or XPS document. We can extract text or images, or convert the entire document to the InDesign format.

Our conversion enables recovery and reuse of the contents stored in PDF and XPS files, making them available for use by anyone.

Our conversion of QuarkXPress files to InDesign converts intricate details of the content in a QuarkXPress document and instantly recreates the document within InDesign on the Macintosh or Windows platform. Items that convert from QuarkXPress to InDesign include: page positioning; color models; fonts and styles; images; text attributes; as well as tables, layers, blends, runarounds, linked text boxes, anchored boxes, and Pantone colors.

We do many other conversions. Tell us what you need converted and we will satisfy your request.