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Type Setting


Literary work must be grammatically accurate in every respect. Not to have your literary project achieve this level of excellence leaves the reader open to doubt. If the sentences are structurally incorrect, then the facts will also be in doubt.

Our copy editors and proofreaders have decades of experience perfecting manuscripts to the highest level of literary excellence. We edit manuscripts word by word and page by page. Anything less will result in a poorly produced literary document.

We pay attention to each word in each sentence to ensure that the publication is grammatically correct, technically accurate, readable, and consistent from chapter to chapter. We make sure the manuscript is stylistically consistent with the guide preferred by the publisher and that citations and references align.

To get a manuscript to this level of literary excellence, you need editors and proofreaders who have proven expertise.

IGS's editors and proofreaders possess the necessary experience and proven expertise to get your job done well and on schedule.

Developmental Editing

More and more, today's publishing houses cannot afford the time or staff for development of manuscripts that are not ready for publication. Our editors have dozens of years of experience developing hundreds of books in various disciplines.