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More than 27 years of book typesetting

1986 — IGS opens its doors for business.
1987 — Incorporates as International Graphic Services.
1989 — IGS retools its production operation and hardware from Compugraphic equipment and software to the Sun Workstation and the Miles 33 book-pagination software running in the UNIX environment. This move provided the necessary technology to convert production from repro galleys and paste-up of pages to going directly to pages, bypassing the paste-up step. This was an industry-leading move that paved the way for the production processes used today.
1989 — IGS turns production process into tagged files, which is now standard with XML, and provided stand-alone tagging of customer files.
1989 — The company moves its keyboarding operation to Barbados and begins double-keyboarding as well as using comparing software to proof text. IGS introduces electronic file transfer to move files from Barbados to its New Jersey location.
1990 — IGS purchases the Kurzweil OCR machine and begins offering optical character reading of documents for its customers.
1990 — The company introduces the per-page pricing model now customary in the book typesetting market.
1993 — IGS upgrades its Miles 33 book- pagination system to support postscript files.
1996 — QuarkXPress is added to the services provided.
2001 — IGS offers the option of producing jobs in InDesign for its customers.
2004 — IGS upgrades its hardware to the new Blade technology.
2006 — Upgraded its system to include Unicode, thereby allowing the company to work in a fully integrated XML workflow.
2009 — Begins offering PDF to InDesign conversion along with many other conversion options.
2010 — IGS offers eBook production.